Ford Times Finder

This page represents many hours of research reviewing hundreds of copies of Ford Times Magazines (and sister publication, Lincoln-Mercury Times) from 1948, through 1982. This date range encompasses Charley’s entire career of contributions to Ford Times Magazine. During this period, Charley contributed illustrations for over 30 covers, 90 articles and numerous other features of the magazine. The Ford Times Finder references, by year and month, each of these contributions. We are pleased to offer this research for others to explore the prolific works of Charley Harper, many of them published nowhere else beyond this publication, and others which found their way into his more well known art. Enjoy!

The contributions of Bob Kaley to this work are gratefully acknowledged!

1948 X X X X X X X X X R1
1949 A1,R2 A2, LMT1 X X X A3 R3 R4 X R5 X X
1950 X X X A4 X X X X R6 X X R8
1951 R9, LMT2 A5 LMT3 A6, C1 A7, R10 X X X LMT4 C2, A8 X X
1952 X C3, A8.1 A9, LMT5 X X X A10, C4 A11 A12 C5, A13 A14 A15
1953* A16 A17, C6 A18 A19, E1 A20, LMT6 A21 R11 X X X R12 X
1954 A22, LMT7 R13 M1, LMT8 D1 E2 A23, C7 X X C8, LMT9 X C9, A24 R14
1955 A25 X C10, A26 A27 A28 X LMT10 X C11, LMT11 X C12, A29 X
1956 A30 C13 A31 X A32 X X X A33 X A34 X
1957 A35 X X X X A36 C14 X X X A37, C15 X
1958 C16 X X X X M2 A38 X X X A39 X
1959 X X X C15.1, A39.1 X X A40 X A41 R15 C15.2,A42 X
1960 X X X A43 X X X X X X A44 A45
1961 X X X X X X A46, C17 A47 X A48 A49 X
1962 X X A50, C17.1 X X R16 A51, C17.2 X X X X X
1963 X A52 X A53 A54 A55,C18,R17 X X X X X X
1964 X X A56 X X X R17 C19, A57 X X X A58, C20
1965 X X A59 C21 X X X A60 X A60.1 X X
1966 X A61 X X X A61.1 X A62, C22 X X X X
1967 A63 C23 X X X X X X A64 X X X
1968 X X X X A65, C24 X X A66 X X X X
1969 X X X A67 A68 X A69 X X X X A70
1970 X X X X A71 X A72, C25 A73 X X X X
1971 X A74 A75, C26 M4 X A76 X X X X A77 X
1972 A78 A79, C27 X X A80 X A81 X A82 A83 X X
1973 A83.1 X X X A84, C28 X X X X A85 X A86
1974 X A86.1 X X X X X X X X X X
1975 X X X A87, C29 X X A88 M5 X X X X
1976 X X X X C30 X X X X X X X
1977 X X X X X X X X X X X X
1978 X X X A89, C31 X X X X X X X X
1979 X X X X X X X X X X X X
1980 X X X X X X X X X X X X
1981 X X X X X X X X X X X X
1982 X X X X X C32, A91 X X X X X X
A = Article Illustration
C = Cover Illustration
D = Article Decorations
E= Edith Harper
R = Recipe Illustration
LMT= Lincoln-Mercury Times (entries in BLUE)
M = Miscellaneous Harper content
X = No Harper Content
Year Month Cover Type Title
1948 Dec R1 Gourmet, Cincinnati, Ohio


1949 Jan A1,R2 Sheep Penning; Restaurant Continentale
Jan-Feb LMT1 Restaurant Continentale
Feb A2 The Case of the Misplaced Muskeg
Jun A3 State Park Sample : Missouri
Jul R3 The Spanish Inn, OH
Aug R4 Valero’s Italian Restaurant, Ohio
Oct R5 Skyline Restaurant, Ohio
1950 Apr A4 Ohio Roadside Parks
Sep R6 General Lewis Hotel in Lewisburg, West Virginia
Dec R8 Terrace Garden, Terrace Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio
1951 Jan R9 Capps Coach House in Lexington, Kentucky
Jan-Feb LMT2 Shenandoah Hotel
Feb A5 Pacific Northwest – Two Views
Mar-Apr LMT3 Ashbourne Inn, KY
Apr A6, C1 Cincinnati Pay Lakes
May A7 The Hocking Parks
May R10 Park View Inn, West Virginia
Sep-Oct LMT4 The Gun Room, OH
Oct C2 Hunter’s Moon
A8 The Great Mine Fire
1952 Feb C3, A8.1 Renfro Valley
Mar A9 Eight Familiar Fish: King Salmon, Large-mouthed

Black Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Muskellunge, Yellow Perch,

Rainbow Trout, Sunfish

Mar-Apr LMT5 Home Runs
Jul A10, C4 Horseless Carriage Adventures

No.1: Grand Canyon;

No. 2 Niagara Falls

Aug A11 Horseless Carriage Adventures

No. 3: White Sands National Monument;

No. 4: The National Capital

Sep A12 Horseless Carriage Adventures

5: Montezuma Castle;

No. 6: Lassen Peak

Oct A13, C5 The Horseless Carriage Adventures

No 7: Wawona Tree;

No 8: Brooklyn Bridge

Nov A14 Horseless Carriage Adventures #9 & 10

No. 9: The Lincoln Highway

No. 10: The Ferry


Dec A15 Horseless Carriage Adventures #11 & 12

No. 11: Home for Chirstmas

No. 12: Palm Beach (Florida)

1953 Jan A16 Horseless Carriage Adventures

13: Rolling the Roads

No. 14: Lookout Mountain

Feb A17, C6 Horseless Carriage Adventures #15 & 16

No. 15: Mardi Gras (New Orleans) – cover art

No. 16: Hot Springs (Arkansas)

How to Fish a Hydro Dam

Mar A18 Horseless Carriage Adventures

17: The Alamo

No. 18: Mammoth Cave

Apr A19 Horseless Carriage Adventures

19: Natural Bridge, Virginia

No.20: Crown Point, Washington

Apr E1 Corner Cupboard in Nashville, Indiana

(painting by Edith Harper)

May-Jun LMT6


Cover: Saratoga Springs.

by Edie
Harper inside cover

May A20 Horseless Carriage Adventures

21: Pike’s Peak;

No. 22 World’s Health & Pleasure Resort (Atlantic City)

Jun A21 Horseless Carriage Adventures

23: Louisiana Purchase Exposition;

No. 24: Old Faithful

Jul R11 Mecklenburg’s Garden, OH
Nov R12 The West Virginian, Bluefield, WV
1953* Special Edition Rolling the Roads
1954 Jan A22 Pocahontas Drive-in
Jan-Feb LMT7 Sketches: Stuff Tourists Buy
Feb R13 Frederick Hotel, Huntington, WV
Mar M1 sketches on page 52.
Mar-Apr LMT8 Sketches: Tourist Trappers; Bermuda Kitchens
Apr D1 Jaywalking
May E2 Art by Edie Harper on page 37.
Jun A23, C7 They Make Mountain Music
Sep C8 Autumn-mobile
Sep-Oct LMT9 The Buggy’s Last Stand
Nov C9, A24 Feeding Station Birds
Dec R14 O’Day’s Place, Clarksburg, West Virginia
1955 Jan A25 The World’s Longest Midway
Mar C10, A26 Man’s Front Lawn Friend
Apr A27 How to Attack the Ramp
May A28 The Bird that Flies Underwater
Jul-Aug LMT10 Cincinnati’s New Public Library
Sep C11 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Sep-Oct LMT11 Cover: Eight Sporting Dogs
Nov C12, A29 A Farewell to Wings
1956 Jan A30 Skiing below the Mason-Dixon
Feb C13 Florida Tourist
Mar A31 Battlefield Tour in Virginia
May A32 Mr. Kirtland’s Special Warbler
Sep A33 Soft-Shell in Hinton
Nov A34 Ten Western Birds
1957 Jan A35 Richwood, West Virginia
Jun A36 The Singin’ Gatherin’
Jul C14 Bald Eagle with Stars & Stripes
Nov A37, C15 America’s Vanishing Birds
1958 Jan C16 Mimbres Pottery Caricatures
Jun M2 Map and “decorations” by Charley on pp. 30-31
Jul A38 Hillbilly Homecoming
Nov A39 Ten Southern Birds
1959 Apr C15.1, A39.1 Ladybirds – Lore and Legend
Jul A40 Alaska’s Friendly Ghost Town
Sep A41 The Mountain State Forest Festival
Oct R15 Beallview Inn, near Warsaw Kentucky
Nov C15.2, A42 Prefab Homes (cover), American Bird Architects
1960 Apr A43 Rhythm and Trout Flies
Nov A44 American Bird Census
Dec A45 Chief Logan’s Mighty Elm
1961 Jul A46, C17 Wagon Train East
Aug A47 The Big Ear
Oct A48 Visit the Atlantic Coast
Nov A49 Don’t Gainsay the Bluejay
1962 Mar A50, C17.1 Fly a Kite with the Champion
Jun R16 Saltwater Farm Pier, Damariscotta, Maine
Jul A51, C17.2 Low Gear on the High Road
1963 Feb A52 How to Catch a Dinosaur
Apr A53 Bird with a Split Personality
May A54 Two Weeks Before the Mast
Jun A55,C18 West Virginia’s Vertical Vacationland
Jun R17 Faraway Hills Country Inn, WV
1964 Mar A56 When the Buzzards Come Back to Hinkley
Jul R17 Aurora Inn, Lake Cayuga, New York
Aug C19, A57 Finger Lakes Vacationland
Dec A58 The Bird of Many Talents
Dec C20 Traditional Christmas, Stained Glass
1965 Mar A59 Twenty Dudes in the Wilderness
Apr C21 Land of the Voyageurs
Aug A60 How to Look at a Cornfield
Oct A60.1 Apple Butter Days
1966 Feb A61 Bulldozer in Fur
Jun A61.1 Glass Blowers on View
Aug A62, C22 The Salty Heritage of Gloucester
1967 Jan A63 Philadelphia’s Exciting Museum
Feb C23 Skiing at Crystal Mountain
Sep A64 Join the Pancake Party
1968 May A65, C24 Canoeing on the Cumberland
Aug A66 The Roaring Grand
1969 Apr A67 The Mountain that has Everything
May A68 The World’s Weirdest Water Bird
Jul A69 The Canyon that Time Forgot
Dec A70 Fashions in Fir
1970 May A71 Flying Carpet in Fins
Jul A72, C25 The Eagle
Aug A73 The Fisher Fights Back
1971 Feb A74 Birdwatcherwatching
Mar A75, C26 When It’s Crappie Time Down South
Apr M4 art by Charley on p. 62
Jun A76 The Wild Goose…A Fighting Bird
Nov A77 Good Time Charley of the Wilds
1972 Jan A78 Mermaid with Whiskers
Feb A79, C27 Bird with the Built-in Drum
May A80 Michigan’s Miraculous Morel
Jul A81 A Ride on the Wild Side
Sep A82 Mr. Badger’s Not Such a Bad Guy After All
Oct A83 It’s Jack-O-Llantern Time Again
1973 Jan A83.1 Meet the Whiskey Jack
May A84, C28 Bungalows for Bluebirds
Oct A85 Whimsical is the Woodcock
Dec A86 Some of My Best Friends are Red Squirrels
1974 Feb A86.1 Mischief Maker of the Woods
1975 Apr A87, C29 Our Neighbor the Raccoon
Jul A88 Dragons of the Sky
Aug M5 letter to the editor praising Charley on p. 64
1976 May C30 Cincinnati Riverfront (Cardinals Consorting),

photo of Charley on p. 36

1978 Apr A89, C31 Will the Kirtland’s Warbler Return?
1982 Jun C32, A91 Feathered Freeloader