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2008 Dealers-20th Century Cincinnati

“A Bird in the Hand”House Trends, March 2011 issue, page 30:  by Nina Kieffer

A Charley Harper Retrospective
  Charley and EdieA Charley Harper Retrospective, part I – 1947+
  The BirdsA Charley Harper Retrospective, part II – 1954+
  Tin Lizzie and Dinner for TwoA Charley Harper Retrospective, part III – 1955+
  The Golden Book of BiologyA Charley Harper Retrospective, part IV – 1961
  Bambi and ChildcraftA Charley Harper Retrospective, part V – 1963+
  The Animal KingdomA Charley Harper Retrospective, part VI – 1968
  Frame HouseA Charley Harper Retrospective, part VII – 1968+

Apartment Therapy Chicago – Charley Harper at Cincinnati’s Fab Frames

Art Academy of Cincinnati
Charley & Edie Harper’s massive exhibition of early works are now on view!

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Book review: “Harper Ever After: The Early Work of Charley and Edie Harper”, Jane Durrell, Cincinnati
Online book review for this 2015 release.  Learn the story of Charley and Edie’s meeting and early collaboration.  Wonderful story!

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Charley Harper – The Artist

Charley Harper Flickr Site
Charley Harper illustration fan club on Flickr.

Charley Harper Designs That Takes Cues From Flora and Fauna
Charley Harper, a prolific artist who died in 2007, was not widely known until the fashion and housewares designer Todd Oldham became a supporter. Mr. Oldham spent five years documenting Mr. Harper’s cheerful modernist work and is now the creative steward of his archives.

Charley Harper for the Nursery
Artist Charley Harper’s work has been enjoying a revival, largely thanks to Todd Oldham, and parents are finding it a great fit for the nursery. Animals and color – what’s not to love? Here are 15 examples of different ways to bring some Harper to your child’s room.

Charley Harper’s Magnificent Beasts
American modernist artist Charley Harper is best known for sharing his love of animals and science through his popular wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations. Here, Discovery Channel Magazine takes a look at his work and legacy, with the help of his son, Brett Harper— including a hilarious account of his dad’s rather strong views on technology.

Charley Harper: Wild style
Generations of Americans have grown up learning about the birds and the bees – and the rocks and the trees – through the wildlife illustrations of Charley Harper. Now, an epic book pays long-overdue tribute to the man who could make even piranhas look beautiful. By Charlotte Williamson

Cincinnati ZooCity Barn Mural Dedication
Driving up Vine Street to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden looks different these days with the addition of a series of panels, recreations of wildlife-themed works of Charley Harper, a celebrated Cincinnati artist.  The project transforms a community wall into a canvas, displaying a beautiful work of art and offers a welcoming gateway to the City of Avondale and to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Convention center re-do to reveal hidden Harper mural
Charley Harper’s art can be seen at the Cincinnati Museum Center, in Lumenocity lights and even on the wall of Cincinnati’s federal courthouse.  But, there’s another public place to see his work – the Duke Energy Convention Center. It just hasn’t been possible since 1987. That’s when Harper’s “Space Walk” mural was covered with drywall because, well, it didn’t go with the decor and Harper wasn’t the nationally known artist he is today.

Counting the Wings
Charley Harper perfected an inimitable style that celebrated nature’s colorful purity. Now designer Todd Oldham, in an excerpt from his new book, talks about his friendship with Harper and about the artist’s work.

DArt – The Internet Art Database – List of Galleries

Designtex:  At Home with Charley Harper
In this short documentary designer Todd Oldham talks with Charley Harper about the evolution of his work as an artist, his love of nature, his disenchantment with realism, and his embrace of simplicity.

Flat, Simple and Funny: The World of Charley Harper
The first time I heard his name may have been when one of my professors at the University of Cincinnati was asked to name his favorite designers. It was a list you’d expect: Paul Rand, Bradbury Thompson, Milton Glaser, Joseph Muller-Brockman, Armin Hoffman, and…Charley Harper. Wait a minute. I remember my surprise: a designer could be named Charley?

 Look Who Flew In
The Gold Leaf Design Group designed and produced a collection of cloth and wooden birds for the Charley Harper Estate

LumenoCity:  A City Inspired – The artwork of Charley Harper was showcased for Lumenocity 2014, to the tune of the Polovtsian Dances.  
“About 42,500 ticketed spectators watched the three special performances and the dress rehearsal from the grand lawn in Washington Park, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra announced Monday.”

 Natural History Through the Eyes of Charley Harper
Despite this unspoken artistic code glorifying photorealism, at least one naturalist illustrator was perceiving the world around him in an altogether different way.  For Charley Harper (August 4, 1922 – June 10, 2007), the captivating complexity of nature could be interpreted more directly.  A champion of Modernism, Harper described his style as “minimal realism”:

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The Genius of Charley Harper
Charley Harper is an American Modernist artist known for his illustrations of all sorts of wildlife. He called it “minimal realism” but I call it awesome.

Todd Oldham’s Mid-Century Modern Heros : Home & Garden Television
Decorating Newsletter (October 2005)

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