Customer Support

If you are having trouble with any aspect of the website, please accept our humble apologies.   Here are some suggestions to help you get through it!   If all else fails, please call or email us for help.  Our contact info is at the bottom of this page.


Checkout Problems

Symptom:  I press the “Add to Cart” button but nothing happens.

First, check to see if the item has been placed in your cart by looking in the Cart area in the left hand margin.  You may have to scroll up the page to see the cart.    There is a known problem with Internet Explorer (IE) versions 8 and 9 in which items do not get put in the cart when the ‘Add to Cart’ button is pressed.    We are working to resolve that problem.   There are two solutions in the meantime.  In IE, you can click on the item you wish to purchase which will bring you to a new page where you can click on another ‘Add to Cart’ button, and that WILL add the item to your cart.   The other solution is to use an alternate browser.    Firefox and Google Chrome do not have this issue and work as intended.

Symptom:    The form shows the wrong state (usually FLORIDA) or I can’t change the ship-to state on the checkout form.

The number one problem with checkout seems to be overlooking STEP 1 on the Checkout Page.    This step is required to determine taxes and shipping charges which are linked to the ship-to state.  To complete this step, enter your country/state and press the CALCULATE button.


Symptom:  I press the ‘Make Purchase” button, but nothing happens.

Make sure to complete all required fields, marked with an asterisk, including email address.   If this fails to resolve the problem, click on the payment method you are NOT using.   Then, click on the payment method you intend to use.  This will reset the payment form.


Symptom:  My cart has items in it, but I get a message that there are no items in my cart when I try to check out.

This is typically a browser cache problem.  Your browser may have saved information (e.g., from a previous visit) which is no longer valid and is trying to use that information to check out.  Resolve this by clearing your browser cache.   Depending upon your browser, this may be under tools, security,  history, or options  menus.     On a PC, press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F5′ together, to clear your cache.


Symptom:   There are items in my cart I did not place there!

If there are items in your cart, they might have gotten there in two ways.   In a prior visit, you may have put them in your cart, and they stayed in the cart into your subsequent visit.   Or, an inadvertent mouse-click may have put them there, by mistake.   In any event, it is easy to remove any items you  don’t want.   In the cart on the left-hand side of the screen you can press the ‘Empty Your Cart’ button to remove all items from your cart.   Or, on the Checkout page, click the ‘Remove’ button next to any single item you do not wish to purchase.

We also used to have our ‘Featured Product’ graphic shown right below the cart and it was easy to imagine that the ‘featured product’ was actually an item in the cart.  So, we have relocated the ‘Feature product’ to another location in our page, to avoid confusion.


Phone Orders

If you continue to have problems with the website, no worries.    We will be glad to take your order over the phone.  Just call us at 802-318-1746 with your order and credit card information.  Or, email us with your problem, and we will address it immediately.


Contact us

We are here to help.  Feel free to email (, or call (802-318-1746) for assistance.