About Us

Welcome to Charley Harper Gallery!

Our story is like many others in that we were introduced to Charley’s work at an early age, but did not recognize it for its simple beauty and artistic genius, being introduced in childhood. We grew up with the Animal Kingdom and the Golden Book of Biology, engrossed in the vibrancy of life as Charley portrayed it. Not until many years later, and inspired by one of his posters was our interest and appreciation rekindled. We then set out to learn everything we could about this American icon. From there, the rest is history, as they say. Since 2007 we have worked closely with the Charley Harper Estate and Charley Harper Art Studio, and many other sources, to offer one of the finest collections of Charley’s work anywhere.

As an authorized dealer of the Charley Harper Art Studio we are able to offer new releases from Charley’s estate. And, our extensive dealer network allows us to offer items both rare and long out of print. We specialize in hard-to-find and rare items from Charley’s repertoire.

Retail inquiries are always welcome, but copyright permissions, wholesale/resale and other commercial inquiries should be directed to the Charley Harper Art Studio.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find something to brighten your day.